A Family Business God of War

A Family Business God of War

When a family starts a business, it’s hard to know where the line is drawn. You want to succeed in the business and still be close to home. But the desire to make money brings families and businesses into different arenas. Some people happily work from home whereas others are willing to join sales teams and travel the world in order to make a buck. I believe that God intended for a small business to bring people of all kinds together, but that may be a part of His plan as well.

  • When we look at God’s word, we find that He never seems to talk about business. If you look for a war or struggle in the Bible, it’s usually found in God’s dealings with the nations of Israel. Israel had troubles with their neighbors and God seemed to stop everything He had set in motion to make peace.
  • Does that mean that there is no business or money in God’s Kingdom? Of course not. The family business has to be done in the spirit of God. Many people talk about running a business successfully without being in the service of God, but if you’re not in the service of God, how could your business be successful?
  • It’s important for everyone in a family business to remember that God is watching and that He wants good things to happen. There is no place for pride in this regard. If we take our profits out of the hands of the Lord and use them for our own gain, we have entered into a very risky situation. In order to serve God and our fellow man, we need to follow God’s Word, and then be diligent in doing so.
  • It may seem like this is a lot of pressure, but it’s really not. When God speaks, there is only silence. You might hear the quiet, yet thunderous Word of God and feel as though the world has gone from you. But I promise you that after that first shock, it won’t matter at all. As long as you are true to God and do the things that He has commanded, your business will be fine.

God of War, though somewhat graphic, is a great example of how to run a profitable family business. If you are looking to start a business, think long and hard about this. Remember to set aside your gain and put aside your desire for material possessions. Doing so will set you up for long-term success in this field and any others.

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