Areas of Study in the Maeley School of Business

Areas of Study in the Maeley School of Business

The Neeley School of Business continues to be on the leading edge of business education. The Neeley School of Business has an undergraduate degree program that offers bachelors and associates degrees. They also offer online programs for those who would like to further their business education from the comfort of their home. The Neeley business school is also accredited by the AACSB, which is the American Association of College Business Schools. In addition, the school offers certificate and diploma programs as well.

  • Those who are interested in getting a business administration degree will find that the Neeley has an MBA program. This program is perfect for anyone wishing to go into business administration, whether it be a large corporation or a small business. The Bachelor’s degree allows one to focus on business leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, and other areas that are related to business leadership. Once you have your bachelor’s degree you can choose to continue on with your MBA or immediately seek employment in business administration. Many Fortune 500 companies hire those with an MBA to run their company’s accounting department.
  • Another way to benefit from the Neeley School of Business Administration is through professional development courses. The professional development courses offered at Neeley enable students to obtain the most out of their business administration studies. The professional development courses at Neeley are offered in a variety of formats. Some are one day courses, while others are five week programs. Either way they provide students with the professional development they need to succeed in business administration.
  • Students can also earn an associate degree in entrepreneurship from the Neeley. Students can expect to take classes such as business law, entrepreneurship, public speaking, marketing, entrepreneurship prevention, and human resource management. This program provides business students with the knowledge they need to be successful in entrepreneurship. This includes learning how to prevent business failure and how to capitalize on entrepreneurship.
  • Earning your GPA at Neeley also helps you find job once you graduate. An individual with a four year GPA usually will not have any difficulties finding a job. However, for those who have not earned a four year GPA there are still many opportunities available. A student with a GPA will have more options available to them when it comes to finding jobs. Job searches after one year of work typically will require an associate degree in entrepreneurship.

Financial reporting is another area in which the neeley school of business has helped students. Accounting is a difficult field to enter into for those without a higher education. However, with an MBA students may be able to enter financial reporting careers. The financial reporting profession is particularly lucrative because of the high demand for accurate and timely financial information. Students who earn a Master’s degree in business may find that they are able to move into senior management positions or begin their own private company.

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