How Business Impact Northwest Networking Can Promote Long-Term Positive Economic Change

How Business Impact Northwest Networking Can Promote Long-Term Positive Economic Change

  • Business ImpactNW is an international consortium of community development non-profits. This includes a network of community development corporations that provide training, counsel and membership in the business sector. BIN has a certified regional development agency that provides access to business help and capital to small businesses, emphasizing those in low-income housing and other communities that need a helping hand. Through the Business Impact Network, you can access these agencies and develop personal and business relationships that build long-term business relationships and stronger ties with one another. You can be part of the business solution for those in the communities that need your assistance.

    A strong business impact northwest network is essential to the success of the entire region. The strength of a local business presence can translate to larger markets, better employment opportunities, more tax revenues and more venture capital available to the small businesses that call the WAN home. More entrepreneurs mean more people with financial opportunity – and more people have access to those opportunities. When you invest in a business through a BIN funding program, you become part of a system that develops new business leaders.

    There are many ways to get involved through the business impact northwest network. If you are interested in coaching and mentoring, there are a number of qualified coaches and mentors who have built successful careers based on the work they do with business owners across the region. Coaches can be used to expand your business or introduce a new concept. They can provide guidance based upon their own personal experiences, coaching from a personal mentor, or coaching based upon a pre-established criteria. In addition to providing support and guidance, coaches can provide resources to help business owners assess their strengths and weaknesses.

    As a part of the business impact northwest network, you will be connecting with individuals who share a common vision of promoting affordable housing, growing new business, supporting underserved communities, reducing poverty, increasing job opportunities for workers, creating meaningful employment for those without skills, driving real estate values, and helping homeowners stay in their homes. You can coach builders, developers, designers, contractors, real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, lenders, and others. The purpose of the relationships you develop as part of the business impact northwest network is to foster collaboration and teamwork. Your clients will be able to access your business knowledge, skills, and expertise as needed throughout the construction process and throughout the life of the project. Your clients may need more than one person to help them complete their goals.

    Another way you can use business impact Northwest networking to serve the needs of underserved communities and grow businesses is by connecting with local veteran business ownership groups. There are many nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations that serve low-income and minority people. The majority of these groups have veteran leaders, business owners, and key mentors who have been impacted by military service. By becoming an affiliate of such a group, you can gain access to a group of people who have been where you are now and continue to be impacted by the changes that occur when business leaders take on a cause close to their hearts.

    The final way that you can use business impact northwest networking to promote long-term positive economic change in your community is by connecting with local small business owners. Small business owners are your most powerful advocates. They are the people who will be most affected if you make a difference in the community. It is important that your relationships with them be founded on mutual respect, trust, and openness to sharing information and resources as needed. The business impact Northwest program that you choose will allow you to do just that.

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