How to Change LLCs

How to Change LLCs

How to Change LLC Name? When you first start a business or if you are rebranding an existing business, you may find yourself confused about how to change your LLC’s name. There are some things you need to keep in mind. First of all, if you are rebranding your business or if you want to incorporate, you will probably have to register the new business with the Secretary of State. The same applies if you wish to add another member to your LLC.

  • How to Change LLC Name – If you have two or more members in your LLC, you can choose to change your name and have your change noticed by the IRS. An LLC with more than two members is, by default, already taxed as a partnership. You do not need to send a special notice to the IRS just to change your LLC’s name. Just check off name change from your Form 10 65, when you file your tax returns. The new LLC will appear on the owner’s record with a EIN number and will have a new Federal Tax Identification number (or IRS identification number).
  • How to Change LLC Type – If you wish to form a limited liability company, you need to select a Limited Liability Company Template. Once the template is selected, you need to fill in all the required information. The next step is to submit your completed template to the IRS. You can send the completed template through the mail, or you can fax the completed template to the IRS. If you fax the completed template, make sure that you enclose a return receipt request so that the IRS can return your signed acknowledgement for your filing.
  • How to Change LLC Type – If you want to change the type of Limited Liability Company that you have, you must file a Request for Certificates. There is a special tax certificate for changing your state of incorporation to a different state. You must file this form with the IRS before your certificate will be published.
  • How to Change LLC Type – If you wish to change the type of business that you conduct, you must file a Change of Address for a Business. This form is available from the IRS website. You may also need to provide a new phone number and remittance address. This task is best handled by the registered agent for your business. The registered agent will help you change your business name or alter any other information that must be changed.

How to Change LLC Type – To apply for a certificate of Registration of Business, you need to select one of the forms listed in the Table of Contents on the IRS site. You will need to complete and file the Application for Certificate of Registration of Business. One of the requirements for applying for a certificate is that the business must be registered. If the business has not been registered, you will be required to file an Application for Certificates of Registration of Business. You can check the latest regulations for how to change LLCs.

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