The SU Business Library

The SU Business Library

The Simmons School of Business at SMU is home to a one of a kind business library that can offer students a comprehensive learning experience. The Simmons School of Business has one of the largest business libraries in the country, rivaled only by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Simmons School’s business library houses over one hundred programs and majors including Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Technology Management. The library also holds over one hundred associate degrees, including two undergraduate degree options; Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Bachelor of Science in Education.

  • In addition to the large library, the Simmons School also offers a state-of-the art business and investment center. The Simmons Center for Business Academic Programming at SMU offers more than 150 degree courses designed to provide students with hands-on real-world experience while preparing them for successful careers in the business world. The business center also houses a full service smu broker center, which connects student’s needs with top smu brokers in the business. The smu broker center also offers direct access to the smu business library and a variety of information, tools, and resources for students.
  • As part of the smu program, students are required to take part in a hands-on practice facility that gives them the opportunity to develop real-life skills and learn how to conduct business on a daily basis. The smu investing and trading center sponsors a number of events, including an annual industry trade show. This yearly event provides an excellent networking opportunity for students to build relationships with other business people interested in business. At this trade show, companies are invited to participate in a one-day demo, allowing participants a chance to try out the products and services offered by the companies they are considering. If the demo company accepts you as a client, you will receive a business card with your name printed on it.
  • In order to take advantage of the free seminar that is held at the smu membership card office, you must first become a member. To get started, you will need the smu membership number, which is found on the back of your card. Once you have successfully completed your application, you will be able to attend the seminar.
  • The smu business library features over two hundred different books and articles dealing with all aspects of the smu business. You will have access to the smu catalog, which has a full list of all products and services offered through the smu business library. This list is constantly being updated, as new products are added to the smu business library on a regular basis.

To enhance your learning experience, you can enroll in the smu seminars offered in the library on a regular basis. Many seminars focus on a specific aspect of the business world, such as marketing for smu members. Other seminars provide valuable tips on how to grow your business with minimal amounts of money. The smu business library is a great resource for any businessperson who is new to this type of business. By using the information found in the smu membership card, you will be able to expand your knowledge quickly and efficiently.

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