An Online Business School Offers Graduates The Best Chance At A Master Of Business Administration

An Online Business School Offers Graduates The Best Chance At A Master Of Business Administration

The gift is an astounding one: a naming-in-advance of a current faculty member. The gift will be the single biggest gift in USF’s entire 58-year history. And it just means the school will be called the USF Muma College of Business for the next seven years. During a special ceremony in the school’s atrium, there was a banner lowered, announcing the new title.

  • The business school has long prided itself on helping students achieve their goals – and today’s naming-in-advance is a prime example of that. USF will certainly benefit from the association with a recognized mba business school. For current students, the association will allow for easy access to housing and apartments near the business college. In addition, business owners will benefit from access to information, such as what classes are currently offered.
  • There are many reasons why the mba programs at the muma college of business make it so attractive to students. The first is the fact that the school boasts of having one of the largest and most successful collections of executive mba programs in the country. Second is the fact that the program provides a solid course-approval process with personalized attention. Thirdly, the MBA degrees awarded by the mba schools are recognized worldwide. A further reason for the mba programs at the muma college of business being so appealing to students is the high retention rate achieved by those who graduate.
  • Over the past several years, the muma business school has seen steady growth. Last year alone, over twenty students transferred into the business department and more than ten new business ventures have come into the fold. This success is attributed to the strong curriculum and student support that has been implemented. Another factor that contributes to this growth is the fact that the business school has long prided itself as one that provides its students with one of the best business degrees in the country. It is also accredited by all three major accreditation agencies and is home to some of the nation’s top business programs.
  • When it comes to applying to the mba program, there are numerous steps involved. For starters, prospective students must first complete their undergraduate studies and declare their major by fulfilling certain enrollment requirements. Once they have completed their undergraduate work, they must also choose an area of business to major in and complete an MBA program application. To apply, students must submit a complete curriculum vitae, a cover letter, a statement of purpose, and graduate transcripts.

Once accepted into the MBA program, students will find that they have a number of different options. These options include a number of specializations within the business world including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Other offerings from the MBA program at Muma College include healthcare management, industrial or supply chain management, and telecommunications or IT. Students can complete their MBA in as little as five years depending on their personal career goals.

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