How to Go Back to Old Yahoo Finance

How to Go Back to Old Yahoo Finance

One of the most common questions concerning people who are considering a move to Yahoo Finance as their new professional Web site is, “How do I go back to old Yahoo finance?” Obviously, if you have been with Yahoo for any length of time you know that their primary function is to provide information for the individual looking to make a major (or even minor) financial transaction. While they may have fallen somewhat out of favor in recent years, it is not all their fault. Competent competitors with significantly more capital and resources have entered the field and those companies with the most robust information systems generally run a far greater risk of taking over your trade funds when you sell your investments. Fortunately, that is not the case with all Yahoo! accounts.

How to Go Back to Old Yahoo Finance

In recent years, many of the folks who invested in (and later sold) their Yahoo! brokerage account took the advice of a local real estate agent and purchased commercial property in the area in question. As they were closing on their deal, they made large transactions and some of those were more than they could handle and the resulting losses resulted in the accounts being closed. In most cases, their credit card debts were used to pay for those transactions and they were able to reopen their accounts at the new credit card companies with the cash they still had on hand. But, because they were not careful (and honestly, who can be), those same credit card payments started building up interest charges and late fees which ate away at their initial gains.

In many instances, they wound up being in more debt than before they initially closed their account. The lesson?

Don’t use your credit cards or store card to pay for your transactions at any new financial institution! Instead, use your debit card to pay for everything. Make sure you have enough available cash in your bank account to cover the purchase and that you are able to generate the funds from your bank in a timely manner. And, if you do wind up in a situation where you must close your Yahoo! accounts, work smart, not hard!

How to go back to the old Yahoo finance?

Open an authorized, government-issued credit account (usually called an “authorized user” account). This is a type of bank account that was set up specifically for people with financial problems. You will have to provide a complete set of financial documents that show that you meet the qualifications for the account, such as proof of income and bank statements, but the rest is very simple.

You will want to log into your yahoo! account via the secured login that you normally use to access your email and login to your yahoo! account. Once there, you will see the option for “Manage Accounts.” Click on that link and then click “Add Account,” and you will be shown your current options for controlling your accounts, such as transferring your balance or closing your account.

Once you’ve chosen which account you’d like to activate and move into, you will need to create a new user ID and password.

Type in your new user ID and password and follow the prompts. Alternately, you may be prompted to update your existing password. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be ready to log into your new email. Type in your new Yahoo! email address and follow the prompts.

Congratulations! Your Yahoo! email account has been successfully upgraded!

You can now send and receive emails, use password protection for your new email account and create and access folders, manage tasks, and more. But what if you lose your Yahoo finance password? Here are some tips on how to go back to your old Yahoo!

First, visit the Yahoo! Finance site. If you have an existing account, you’ll be able to log in and access your account. If you don’t yet have an account, you’ll need to sign up for free, which they offer for newcomers.

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